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Can “Dookey Dash” Revive GameFi?

Personally, I wouldn’t put money on a web-based mini-game called ‘Dookey Dash’ reviving much of anything, let alone an entire sub-section of a tiny crypto area. This month, though, Yuga Labs’ first attempt at a ‘ape ingrained’ mini-game has made headlines. While the very basic game isn’t reinventing the wheel, it is sparking debate and conversation at what may be an advantageous time in the crypto world.

If the timing is right and bull market conditions return, might Yuga’s Dookey Dash mini-game be seen as the tip?

So…What is GameFi anyways?

If there is one issue that has been pushed all the way back into the ether during the bad market, it is GameFi. It was one of the biggest subjects of debate within the crypto and NFT groups in early 2022, before the bear market winds changed. Many people thought GameFi was the “next big thing,” and titles like Axie Infinity were gaining traction.

Axie Infinity is based on Sky Mavis’ Ronin Network, an Ethereum-linked sidechain. “Axie Infinity Shards/Token,” or AXS for short, is the game’s official cryptocurrency. SLP, the game’s secondary token, plummeted in February 2022 as part of a larger NFT and cryptocurrency crash, dropping more than 99% of its peak value.

By the end of the first quarter, the market had lost steam, and the rest of the year did nothing to help crypto participants. Meanwhile NFT business groing exponentially, GameFi was successfully segregated.

Could bull market conditions be on the horizon for cryptocurrency? If this is the case, GameFi may be in a good position to build on the momentum it gained just a year ago.

Yuga Labs & the “Dookey Dash”

Yuga Labs has long voiced a desire to create a larger metaverse with gamified aspects, leveraging assets such as Bored Apes and Mutant Apes. Enter Donkey Dash, the first iteration of these attempts. The title is a simple web-based mini-game that allows Ape and Mutant owners to use their NFT to try to get a high score. The winner is thought to receive a one-of-a-kind Ape.

Former esports pros and content makers competing to win have contributed to the excitement. Look no farther than Mongraal, a former Fortnite legend who has won the game on at least two occasions.

Mongraal has roughly a million dollars in official Fortnite earnings and was a fixture in the game’s most competitive zone. Mongraal has averaged approximately 8,500 viewers on Twitch in recent months, and now he stands to possibly earn more money from a mini-game than he did from years of grinding Fortnite.

More important, perhaps, is Mongraal’s involvement in promoting Dookey Dash to more mainstream gamers, a core pillar of GameFi development that has yet to be seen.

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