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AI Crypto Takes Lead With 293% Gains

Microsoft have invested billions of US dollars into Chatgpt, marking the start to a new trend in AI technology. It is time for investors to start keeping an eye out for these AI Crypto tokens, as they are out performing any other Crypto tokens currently in the market.

Singularitynet token AGIX in the past 30 days how seen gains of 293%.

Fetch.ai token  FET in the past 30 days how seen gains of 212%.

These are the kinds of gains that drew mass attention to Crypto and investing when all prices were booming back in November 2021. For the last two months since Chatgpt, the Openai platform (GPT-3) has become widely used. The term ‘AI’ in Google search trends even scored 100/100 at the end of December 2022, and scored 94/100 during the last week of January 2023. There is no doubt the trend in the market right now is in AI but the real question is how long will this trend last?

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