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Boost Your Immunity!


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It is Key that we take care of our bodies and supercharge our immune system“– Paul Ebeling

First, cut down on the refined sugar to help boost your immune system

Twinkies, M&Ms, and cupcakes always seem like a great idea when we are stressed or need a little pick-me-up because sugary foods release endorphins that have a painkilling effect and make you feel happy, and while this makes you happy in the short-term, it does not make your body happy in the long run.

So, cutting out refined sugar can help boost your immune system almost as much as quitting smoking does.

Eating sugar impacts white blood cells by taking up space that should be filled by Vitamin C.

Vitamin C and sugar have a similar molecular structure, so they compete to share space in the white blood cell. So, the more sugar in your body, the less Vitamin C you will have.

While sugar tastes good, it does not help your body fight infections. Eat more berries, and fruit if you have a sweet tooth instead of weakening your immune system with refined sugars. And eliminate all Junk Foods!

Eat healthy, Be healthy, Live lively

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