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Beets Promote a Healthy Brain


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“Beet juice increases blood flow and O2 (oxygen) to the brain” — Paul Ebeling

Researchers have shown that after drinking beetroot juice, older adults had increased blood flow to the white matter of the frontal lobes, the areas of the brain commonly associated with degeneration that leads to dementia and other cognitive conditions.

High concentrations of nitrates are found in beetroot. And when high-nitrate foods are consumed, nitrate is turned into nitrite by the good bacteria in the mouth.

Research has found that nitrites can assist with the opening up of the blood vessels, thus increasing blood flow and Q2 to areas which are lacking oxygen.

While there are no official guidelines, 1 cup of beet juice every day should not cause any digestive distress. Though in a study participants were consuming about 2 cups of beet juice daily, enough to cause mild digestive distress.

The beetroot greens should not be discarded, as they are incredibly nutrient-rich, and can be prepared and eaten in the same way as spinach.

Beets are a super source of folic acid as well as an excellent source of potassium, manganese and fiber. Beets and their greens are a great source of iron, phosphorus, magnesium, and vitamin B6. Beet greens are higher in nutritional value compared to beetroots, as they’re richer in iron, calcium, and vitamins C and A.

Eat healthy, Be healthy, Live lively

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