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A Most Rejuvenating Wellness Experience


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Wellness has faced huge challenges in the last 12 months, with treatments going touchless and distancing guidelines halting spiritual retreats across the country. And yet, some of the best hotels revamped their programming and their wellness spaces during the VirusCasedemic related closures to ultimately improve the spa experience for their guests.

Now, as Americans are being vaccinated and attempt to recover from chaos-induced trauma and face re-entry anxiety, people are seeking out rejuvenating retreats more than ever before. Here is 1 of our favorites..

The Beverly Hills Hotel

After a 7 month renovation and redesign in Y 2020, the spa at the Beverly Hills Hotel (BHH) reopened this Spring with a menu offering everything from Ayurvedic-inspired treatments to CBD-enhanced massages in sumptuous new surroundings.

The property’s Hollywood bonafides, luxurious sensibility, and imitated spin on California-chic are all fully in evidence, from the custom-designed wall coverings inspired by the state’s native flora and fauna, a take on the hotel’s iconic palm motif, to the Sunlight drenched manicure area that opens onto the citrus garden, and artfully curated product display vitrines in the new lounge area.

With impeccable service and 5 treatment rooms including one duet suite for couples, it’s a small and mighty spa, and the ultimate in discretion for the privacy seeking stars and starlets, or those who just want to feel like one.

Eat healthy, Be healthy, Live lively

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