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All Hail President Trump for His Amazing Accomplishments


In June of Y 2015, Donald Trump stepped onto an escalator in the atrium of Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue in New York descending into a lobby packed with reporters. It is safe to say the in the minutes that followed American history was changed for the better”— Paul Ebeling

Donald J Trump’s, the 45th President of the USA, policy accomplishments in both foreign relations and economic achievements are standing testimony to his brilliance in the Oval Office.

Larry Kudlow, President Trump’s economic advisor said, “While I may disagree with President Trump on some personal matter, I think in policy terms he was a brilliant, consequential President, our tax cuts helped those who needed it the most.

Mr. Kudlow pointed to the “great progress” President Trump undertook in deregulation and advancing the nation’s 5th generation, or 5G, technology standard for mobile cellular networks.

Mr. Kudlow spoke about the significance of President Trump’s policies that led to the fast rebound from last yr’s instant recession from the COVID-19 bio-attack.

We are having a strong V-shaped recovery while this medical emergenc chaos play out he noted.

As for Mr. Biden, Mr. Kudlow criticized the administration’s policy proposals, including a federal $15/hr minimum wage.

Once you get outside of, let’s say, New York and California, maybe Illinois, the cost of living is much lower in all these states,” Mr. Kudlow said. “And these small businesses that are desperately trying to reopen, they cannot afford it. And therefore, they are going to lay off workers.” That policy will cost the economy 100’s of 1,000’s of jobs. Not a pleasant thought now in the minds of America’s workers.

“Without question, whether you liked his personality or not, or believe that he instigated the recent attack on Capital Hill, Mr. Trump will go down in history as one of our most accomplished Presidents, from international to domestic issues his accomplishments were very broad based.

Further, his accomplishments were achieved twice, with the second being during one of the most difficult times in U.S. history – the Covid-19 pandemic, by delivering a vaccine, not one but three in total, under the most expedited time in FDA history.

Whatever you want to paint Mr. Trump as, we Americans, owe him a bit of appreciation. My only hope is that our current President does not take apart his accomplishments but instead add to them. We must go back to work and that should be our Number One Priority.

Further, we need interim financial help to survive what is soon becoming one of the coldest winters on record. Otherwise, our hardships will grow and that will effect most people, primarily those in lower income where help is needed most. 

Raising taxes is not the solution nor is an open door immigration policy despite the fact that federal deficits are now becoming a Government way of life.

Moving to destroy our energy independence is not constructive either but a gradual transaction to better climate control is. Yes, a lower dollar will help promote our exports which is labor contributory but continued partisanship is not.

“So, Mr. President good luck and please do not follow the destructive path to take down the good of the past Administration, particularly in regard to Israel and recent Peace Accords plus rethink your attitude towards Iran and China for they could be your Achilles Heel!

Despite your 47 years in politics, learn from them. Even in business, animosity never works. So try to eliminate it if you can, and not follow the Impeachment Process for that will only further divide our country.

Remember your opponent garnered some 74 million votes in our just ended Presidential Election,”– Bruce WD Barren, LTN’s political commentator.

Have a healthy day, Keep the Faith!

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