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Earn Crypto Free Online

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We are in a digital era where people are earning online through different avenues. One of the popular means of earning money online is through digital currencies known as cryptocurrency.

People invest a lot in cryptos with the hopes of making double their capital and it has proven to be so in most cases. 

However, you don’t necessarily have to spend money investing in cryptos. There are ways for you to earn free cryptos whether you’re a longtime crypto investor with a strong portfolio or a newbie with nor.

Here are some ways to earn free crypto.

1. Crypto mining

If you are a tech person you can utilize this means to get free crypto as it requires your time and brain.

Some have even made mining easier with the invention of the bot. This bot helps you monitor the mining process while you’re are away. 

What the mining process involves are complex mathematical equations verifying blocks of cryptocurrencies already existing inside a protocol.

When this equation is solved you’re then rewarded with crypto. Note that this crypto doesn’t include all cryptocurrencies but one. 

This means the mining process will be just for bitcoin or any other coin.

So If you are a tech guru you can use your brains to get free cryptos.

2. Airdrops

When developers want more traction on their coins. They give out free coins randomly to interested crypto enthusiasts to increase their token adoption.

All you are required to do are small tasks like tagging them on your social media,  liking their post, following them, etc. 

Note you can do all these things and may still not get the airdrop. It doesn’t mean they’re fake. These things are just based on luck, but if you don’t win today, you may win tomorrow.

The Best place to get Airdrops in Knights

3. Reviews

Many crypto companies appreciate honest reviews. They’re willing to give you their coin for free if you give them an honest review. 

To find these kinds of crypto companies, search for upcoming crypto projects online to see whether they need review to boost the adoption of their coin.

4. Watching educational videos 

Earn crypto watching videos online about cryptocurrencies. This way you get to learn and still get paid for learning. An example of a popular crypto exchange platform that does this is coinbase. 

All they require you to do is register to their free earn, and watch crypto videos. Then you get paid into your crypto wallet when you complete the video.

5. Get employed by cryptocurrencies

There are a lot of cryptocurrency companies looking for content creators, web developers, etc. to join their teams.

They don’t mind employing you to work remotely if you meet their requirements. 

So if you have the opportunity to join any cryptocurrency company don’t miss out on the opportunity. It is a great way to earn free crypto.

6. Crypto games

Games on a crypto-based platform eg. faucet platform are another great way to earn free crypto. These platforms reward you with crypto for playing their games.

This strategy is to get you to view the adverts on their platforms. Therefore, increasing the brand’s awareness through the adverts viewed.

7. Gambling

There are many crypto gambling sites you can win free crypto, but be aware that you can also lose your money to them. 

Concluding note

Earning free crypto is not limited to just the above. There are many other ways you can earn free coins.

You can search for more ways, but in your quest for free crypto be careful of falling prey to scammers.

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