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Crypto Trends: Marketing 2022

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“In this hyperactive world of blockchain and cryptocurrency, insight into the next marketing strategy is Key“– Paul Ebeling

We here at Knightsbridge believe that these marketing trends will shape the crypto landscape in Y 2022, as follows:

Every business should pay attention to solidifying brand awareness in the metaverse and NFT industry. The metaverse is the next marketing frontier. So, establishing a presence in the virtual world will become Key, as it is on the internet or in the real world.

Metaverses give crypto projects a new start in targeting audiences through different methods. Metaverses provide the visual elements required for gaming while introducing users to DeFi concepts such as the popular play-to-earn model.

Plus, in-game items are created as NFTs to introduce a degree of scarcity to every item, as they are all unique. Every user in the metaverse can acquire these NFTs to personalize their experience and directly engage with your brand. Innovative technologies elevate crypto marketing efforts to a new level.

There is a certain appeal to influencer marketing that cannot be replicated by other means. Finding the right crypto bloggers or social media ‘celebrities’ to represent your brand can be very successful. The influencer marketing industry was valued $13.8-B in Y 2021, with further growth expected in the yrs to come.

At Knightsbridge we prioritize this to ensure we get high wire results when running a crypto marketing advertising campaign.

Discoverability on the internet is a powerful tool, but not all crypto projects succeed in achieving this level. Even though SEO is 1 of the oldest and most useful ways to enhance digital marketing, it is an ever-changing landscape. Search engines deploy different algorithms to ‘rank’ content and help crypto projects gain visibility.

Marketers need to stay hip to focus on the user experience and openly engage with the community. Prioritizing the user experience is Key. An empowering user experience will ensure visitors return to your brand and help it gain more momentum. That makes it the core of any crypto marketing effort.

User feedback and worth-of-mouth sharing is a social currency many crypto projects tend to overlook. Gaining the trust of users is extremely important in the competitive marketing landscape. Collecting feedback and engaging in an open dialogue are Top priorities. Every brand needs to create a communication channel between themselves and their clients to maximize the potential of word-of-mouth marketing.

As more internet users explore websites on mobile devices, it is essential to optimize your website accordingly. While a page may look good on a computer, that doesn’t guarantee the same user experience on a phone or tablet. Therefore, optimizing a website for all types of devices is a must.

A Key aspect of website optimization is page load speed. Visitors will not wait 5 secs or more to open a page. Therefore, crypto projects need to captivate the audience quickly, and the faster a page loads, the higher the chance of succeeding.

A Top consideration is the traditional foundation that makes crypto marketing so successful. Banner advertising and press releases are staples in crypto marketing. We here aat Knightsbridge have many yrs of expertise in press release services and banner advertisement placements to help crypto projects grow their audience.

The dedicated team at Knightsbridge will help clients compose the proper media plan for their needs, monitor the campaigns and optimize these efforts when the time is right. With us you can combine these powerful traditional marketing tools with new technologies and platforms, we are 1st movers and on Top of the wave, click here for more insight and information.

Have a prosperous day, Keep the Faith!

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