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When the World Opens Up Travel Destinations


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The freedom to travel will be Key to the post-China Virus recovery. My hope is that we will come out of the chaos with a better passenger experience by moving people through airports more efficiently and increasing confidence in health safety. I am optimistic that this will be a winning result for travelers, governments, the airline industry, and the economy.

These are the places that I have in mind, have a look…

Sicily, Italy

I have been to Italy many times, but never to Sicily. So, I would start with a week of ‘slow living’ at Monaci delle Terre Nere, resort near Mount Etna, and dine on the farm-to-table food grown on the estate, and then segway to back-to-basics activities like horseback riding and a cooking class. Then a few days in Palermo in full tourist-mode, then head west to the beaches around Trapani and the nearby Egadi Islands. Maybe SCUBA and maybe never leave.

Marrakech, Morocco

Visiting Marrakech has been a dream of mine. La Mamounia is a luxury hotel famous for its traditional Moroccan architecture, opulent swimming pools, and gourmet restaurants, has been on my list for many yrs. My visions of Morocco are of camelback treks through the Sahara, Sunsets on rooftops with panoramic views, ultimate relaxation in luxurious hammams, hot air balloon rides at dawn, and loud, colorful visits to the souks. Yves Saint Laurent once said of Marrakech, “The city taught me color. Before Marrakech, everything was black.” Some day soon I hope to experience that for myself.

Amalfi Coast, Italy

I am attached to the French Riviera in the late 70’s and to 1980 as a family we spent every August on the Cote d ‘Azure. An 1 yr we traveled to the southern Italian coast. The Amalfi Coast trip was super. The thought of motoring that coast road in a classic Ferrari takes me there again.


Malta is the address of the Sun, sea, history, great food, beautiful festivals and entertainment. It is a island country to visit in Summer and Winter with its mild weather. This beautiful country of the Mediterranean, the capital of the island Valletta is located on the Island of Malta. I have never been there. But I am told that there are lots of reasons to visit Malta, not the least of which is Valletta its capital. Valletta was built in Y 1565 after the Great Siege of Malta. Valletta, called kent the city built by gentlemen for gentlemen,, takes its name from the Master Jean Parisot de Valletta, commanding the Knights of St. John. Known as the City of Knights, the capital is one of the must-see cities with its colorful nightlife, harbor of architectural wonders, cafes and restaurants.

Paradise Island, Nassau, The Bahamas

Paradise Island

Paradise Island sits just offshore from the island of New Providence in the Bahamas. It is connected by 2 bridges to the city of Nassau, over Nassau Harbor. White-sand beaches include popular Cabbage Beach and Paradise Beach, both edging on the Atlantic Ocean. Dominating the island is the sprawling Atlantis resort, complete with a casino, the Aquaventure water park, and an extensive marine habitat. There you an experience an island metropolis where the ease of the tropics meets the big city. Here, beautiful beaches are just the beginning. Venture beyond them and discover an island humming with history, art, nightlife, and culture.

Friend, colleague and world traveler economist Bruce WD Barren reminisces: “Yes, I have been to all six places. Without question, each are unique to themselves and highly enjoyable locations, with plenty to do, either by oneself or with a partner. Tasting food and mingling among the natives as a sight-seer just sparks the imagination and fills one’s scrapbook full of yesterday’s dreams ! 

Traveling is always fun and educational seeing how other people live and enjoy their own lives which is not what one often does not get from the Media. They often discolor events for their own sensational readership. 

When I was early married, I made it an often practice to take my children to different parts of the world to enhancement their education and knowledge. It gave them an unique appreciation of life and allow them to appreciate the “extras” that they had and many would had loved to experience. 

Perhaps you want do the same, with or without children as a get away to the stagnations of life. As my parents used to say, there is often a place to see, learn and enjoy for it often broadens one’s prospective on life.”

Notably, has had the unique opportunity to travel to some 175 counties around the world but not yet Antarctica where the “little guys dressed in their tuxedos, abound!” It is on his list. Too cold for me though.

Enjoy your travel when the world opens up, Keep the Faith!

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