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“The Crusade to Preserve America’s Freedom must Continue”

by Paul Ebeling

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After all the chaos and upheaval of the last week, it’s important to remember that we still need to move forward and fight for America’s future and for our freedom” — Newt Gingrich

The Big Q: Where do we go from here?

The Big A: Like it or not this is now Donald Trump’s America.

More than 74-M Americans voted for President Trump in the Y 2020 Presidential election, a record turnout for an incumbent. The MSM has spent 4 yrs calling Trump supporters racists and is labeling them as an insurrectionist because of the actions of a tiny group augmented by domestic terrorists.

Most if not all are patriotic, law-abiding Americans who see the American culture under siege by the radical left.

They believed that the ballot-box was the 1 sure thing still available to them to foster change and make their voices heard, to change the direction of the Republic.

They feel like that’s no longer available, and their votes are not being counted fairly or honestly, which the preponderance of evidence say that they are not and the fraud is rampant across the country.

As a result, many Trump supporters wonder what is their recourse to this national travesty. American’s are angry and frustrated.

The book, “American Crusade,” by Peter Hegseth that I read at the weekend, makes the case for a political and cultural crusade to fight for America’s freedom.

In his book he explains how the President is the voice for The People of America’s heartland and is so appealing to so many because he is their man and has not been bought by any special interest, as so many elected officials are.

Donald Trump hears the concerns of the ordinary American and genuinely wants to help them.

And perhaps above all, President Trump’s supporters believe he has awakened them to “to the 1st principles that are under assault from the left“, from cancel culture to Marxist indoctrination in schools.

The movement that President Trump started is not going away in the wake of Joe Biden. This is because The People are fed up, looking for what to do to continue Making America Great Again.

All aspects of American culture: schools, the MSM, Big Tech, the bureaucracy, corporations are dominated by the woke left and if not stopped will become more tilted to the left-radical.

MSM is outstandingly bad: recall last Summer, when countless journalists defended and even championed the ANTIFA- Black Lives Matter (Burn Loot Murder) riots.

What happened at the Capitol last Wednesday should of course be condemned. But the same should go for violence and chaos perpetrated by the far-left and the domestic terrorists they embrace and condone that destroyed businesses killed and ruined countless lives.

The 2X standard is amazing: MSM ignored and continues to ignore the fact that the initial storming of the Capitol actually occurred while President Trump was still speaking at the White House, undermining the charge that the riot was completely his fault.

Nevertheless the cultural elites have spent their time condescending and demonizing 74-M Americans with baseless hatred.

How strange it is now that some/many Republicans are now caving to these left-wing forces in a moment of vulnerability, which Democrats and their allies in the media are using to their full advantage.

Not really strange when you think about it, as they are featherbedding their government jobs.

At any time now between 20%  and 50% of the Republican Party is eager to sell out to the Marxist left. That way, they can be accepted by the elite left as statesmen and women.

Few American politicians besides President Trump have demonstrated that they are willing to fight earnestly for The People, standing up to the forces on the Marxist left that want to destroy the American system and to the weak kneed Republican leadership.

When Joe Biden actually ascends to the Oval Office, in my opinion, he will ‘govern’ in Donald Trump’s America and will become the Captain of a Trump economic recovery.  As such, he should bury the ‘hatchet ‘ on Pelosi’s determination of a second impeachment and get on with uniting the country as Gerald Ford did after the Nixon resignation. “What the Press are trying to do is to blame the President for the riots – wrong, in my opinion.

Why? Because the real blame belongs to the Democratic mayor of Washington who was ill prepared for such a march, delayed bringing in the National Guard, and invocating the Capitol Police. She further could had built barricades, equipped the police under her control with riot gear – not after the fact but in the advance of such a oversized march. She should had taken notes from the BLM March for there the same ‘advanced potential problems’ existed. However, she decided to play the political game, just like certain members of Congress did when the Chief of the Capitol police requested reinforcements ahead of the March to Save the Steal three times according the news reports.

If the Speaker wants to continue prosecuting Trump post-election  it will only cause more animosity and divisiveness among left and the 74 million plus Trump voters.

However, what they will soon discover as Alan Dershowitz has publicly stated, there is no legal basis to convict the President of such crimes. Further, such rationale would only be more destructive to our Country.

Why? Because it accomplishes nothing, except ego, which Biden does not need to start his Presidency. We need employment – the return to work, especially for the lower income sector of our workforce (now mostly unemployed), plus to rid ourselves of this Antifa sector of our Society along with to stop our Gender and Race divide. 

“Enough blaming whoever for it is time to become constructive – not destructive. Get the next stimulus package done and the Covid -19 vaccine out,” says political contributor to HeffX-LTN Bruce WD Barren.

Working to Keep America Free and Great!

Have a healthy day, Keep the Faith!

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