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What We Like About BitCoin…




What we like about Bitcoin is that its correlation to stocks, bonds and other assets is very independent.”– Paul Ebeling

The promise of an asset class that acts differently than stocks or bonds is leaving portfolio and wealth managers scrambling own cryptocurrencies if they can, and the regulations tell most that they cannot.

Many see Bitcoin as a good inflation hedge. Nearly 20% of advisors are thinking of investing in cryptocurrencies this yr due to concerns about inflation. That number is up from 6.3% in Y 2019

BlackRock Inc, (NYSE:BLK) the world’s largest asset manager, said on 21 January that it is adding Bitcoin futures as eligible investments for certain funds. Fund experts expect other asset management firms to follow suit.

The SEC does not yet recognize cryptocurrencies as a security like a stock or a bond, and has not ruled whether mutual funds can own them directly. So it remains unclear whether any mutual funds currently own Bitcoin because they are not required to disclose it.

Mr. Biden’s nominee to head the SEC, Gary Gensler, spoke in broad terms about cryptocurrencies in a confirmation hearing Tuesday, suggesting that the agency should provide more regulation on how it views the asset class.

Some investors have taken his appointment as raising the likelihood that a bitcoin ETF will be approved for the US.

Overall, cyptocurrency funds and products that investors can buy direct brought in nearly $5.6-B in assets in Y 2020, up more than 600% from Y 2019, that according to asset manager CoinShares. Cryptocurrency funds have gathered $4.2-B in flows for this year through 1 March Coinshares said.

Not allowing the purchase of cyrpto is something that’s frustrating to many advisors, but it’s such a volatile asset that many investors end up doing it on their own,” said the CEO of the Wealth Consulting Group.

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