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US Dollar Steady at 5-month Lows in Early London Trading

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While, USD was steady around 5-month lows in early London trading Wednesday, the New Zealand dollar (kiwi) was up more than 1% jumping when the central bank hinted at a possible interest rate hike by September 2022.

.DXY was down at 89.745 as investors expect low US rates to drive cash abroad to capture the gains from other countries recovering from the VirusCasedemic.

The Australian dollar (Aussie) seen as a liquid proxy for risk appetite was up 0.3% at 0.7778.

China’s onshore and offshore RMB Yuan strengthened to 3 yr highs Vs USD. The onshore currency broke through 6.40, a Key psych mark to trade at 6.3913.

The Japanese yen was steady, changing hands at 108.845/dollar.

EUR slipped a bit Vs USD down 0.1% on the day at 1.22385 close to its highest since January.

In cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin was up 5%, rising above 40,000 in its 3rd straight day of gainers. Ether was up 6% at around 2,875, close to where it started the month.

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