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Travel: Piemonte, Italy the Home of ‘Slow Food’ and Countless Other Delights

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The Creator made Italy from designs by Michelangelo“–Mark Twain 

Italy’s art, history & culture, architecture, cuisine and wines are not a travel secret. But, the less-explored northwestern Piemonte region, at the foot of the mountains borders France in both directions with majestic alpine mountain peaks like the Mont Blanc, Mont Rosa and Gran Paradiso.

It holds the Aosta Valley, boasts an extensive Lake District of 15 UNESCO protected lakes, is strewn with archeological sites, and the enjoys the Mediterranean Sea in Liguria at the Italian Riviera. A unique, innovative and diverse area that marries French and Italian refinement. Rich in tradition and protective of its communities, the Piemonte region was the birthplace of the slow food revolution.

Homo sapiens must regain wisdom and liberate themselves from the ‘velocity’ that is propelling it on the road to extinction. Let us defend ourselves against the universal madness of ‘the fast life’ with tranquil material pleasure” — The Slow Food Manifesto

Slow Food began in Italy with the founding of its forerunner organization, Arcigola, in 1986 to resist the opening of a McDonald’s near the Spanish Steps in Rome.

In Y 1989, the founding manifesto of the international Slow Food movement was signed in Paris, France, by delegates from 15 countries.

The Slow Food Movement is a response to Fast Food and the homogenization of food. The movement seeks to rediscover the conviviality of food, aims to preserve regional cuisines, and addresses agricultural issues.

The movement has 3 main goals: taste education, defense of biodiversity and interaction between food producers. Slow Food conducts programs for all ages that educate members about the origins and processing of local foods.

For the history of the Idea, click here.

Piemonte’s elegant capital of Torino is a testament to centuries of cultural heritage. After the Romans recognized its strategic position, including Julius Caesar himself, it was the ruling House of Savoy that made Turin their capital. 

Castles and palaces rise up throughout the city and the surrounding mountains, as silent witnesses from the time when Counts and Dukes eventually became the first Royals of Italy.

Baroque cafes and architecture lace the old town, along with quality shops, intriguing museums, and gastronomical delights.

Piemonte is super well known for wine and truffle. We have the International White Truffles fair every year from October until December, every weekend. That is why the region is mainly famous for that. It is the biggest wine region in Italy, famous for wines and sparkling wine, and you can go truffle hunting most all yr round.

If you are a chocolate lover, there are great chocolate producers. If you are into history and art, there are plenty of castles and palaces. If you are a mountain and ski lover, there are excellent ski resorts for you to ski. If you are into lakes, there is the Lake District. Piemonte is very rich.

Quality and sophistication blossom from the fertile ground, delivering renowned Italian luxury products to the world market. Ferrari Supercars, Borsellino hats, Gianduiotto chocolate, Empson & Company wines, Nutella, Martini Rossi aperitif, Lavazza coffee, Grissini breadsticks, some of the world’s finest wool and cashmere, the list of local delights goes on and on.

Enjoy your travels, the chaos is over, Keep the Faith!

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