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Top 10 stories about Finance you need to see

A roundup of the week’s most newsworthy financial industry press releases:

  1. FTX Debtors Provide Information Concerning Bahamas Crypto Seizure
    The FTX Debtors urge the Bahamas Commission to clear up any confusion created by their recent statements and provide the public with accurate information concerning the cryptocurrency seized and how it was valued for the purposes of these statements.
  2. Value Stores such as FBX can be used to Combat Rising Inflation in 2023 and beyond
    With US Dollars being printed at the fastest rates in history, there is pressure on the value of all long term savings. Asset types such as FBX by KXCO enables users to diversify their risk by purchasing these pegged stores of value.
  3. ADP National Employment Report: Private Sector Employment Increased by 235,000 Jobs in December; Annual Pay was Up 7.3%
    “The labor market is strong but fragmented, with hiring varying sharply by industry and establishment size,” said Nela Richardson, chief economist, ADP. “Business segments that hired aggressively in the first half of 2022 have slowed hiring and in some cases cut jobs in the last month of the year.”
  4. A Front Row Seat to the Rise of Blockchain
    While most people have heard of the word “blockchain,” few truly understand its broader implications. With The Future Economy, Brandon Zemp attempts to close this knowledge gap by taking readers on a deep dive into the crypto space, cutting past the hype to reveal the technology’s potential for real-world improvements to human life and society.
  5. Realty Income to Acquire Properties from CIM Real Estate Finance Trust, Inc. for $894 Million, 7.1% Cash Cap Rate
    The aggregate 185 property portfolio is anticipated to consist of up to 4.6 million square feet, leased to 55 retail clients who in the aggregate represent 95% of the total portfolio annualized contractual rent and four industrial clients who in the aggregate represent 5% of the total portfolio annualized contractual rent.
  6. Chubb Announces Global Climate Business Unit to Help Combat and Manage Climate Change
    The new business unit will provide a full spectrum of insurance products and services to businesses engaged in developing or employing new technologies and processes that help reduce the dependence on carbon.
  7. Multi-Billion Dollar Real Estate Developer to Tokenize Over $3MM Worth of Real Estate Approximately in January 2023, several luxury villas located in one of the most popular holiday destinations in Australia (Gold Coast, Queensland) will be sold on the All Set website as NFTs. The total price of the villas exceeds $3,000,000.
  8. Thomson Reuters Completes Acquisition of SurePrep, LLC The acquisition supports Thomson Reuters’ strategy of pursuing both organic and inorganic growth opportunities as it promotes seamless, cloud-based workflows for professionals through innovative digital solutions and open, smart, and connected platforms.
  9. Updates to conforming loan limits mean 2 million U.S. homes no longer require a jumbo loan The news may be welcome for buyers looking to purchase a home this coming shopping season, as jumbo loans often come with additional fees and more stringent qualification standards, making them less affordable for most buyers.
  10. Ric Edelman, Host of the Nation’s Longest-Running Personal Finance Radio Show, Launches Daily Podcast
    The show helps financial advisors and investors with the five personal finance topics that matter most: Longevity, Retirement Security, Exponential Technologies, Blockchain & Digital Assets, and Health & Wellness.
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