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What is DeFi?

Decentralized finance (DeFi) platforms’ purpose is used to increase efficiency, it is meant to help the finance sector to thrive. Developers’ adoption of DeFi tokens for in-app purchases and the rise in e-sports and gaming is the key driving force for the DeFi platforms.

FBX by KXCO is a measurement of value and a store of wealth you can use on the internet. Unit of account allows a meaningful interpretation of prices, costs, and profits to the KXCO ecosystem. It allows participants to make sense of KXCO past performance and have an idea of its future profitability. The use of a unit of account enables firms and individuals to choose between activities that yield the highest profit. Here’s how FBX is different from traditional money.

Blockchain, trading games, and collectables are also growing since they allow users to trade tokens and develop their ecosystem.

Money is being printed at the fastest rate in history, destroying the value of your savings. Money was originally envisaged as a unit of account, a measure of value, and a store of wealth. In the modern world, those original goals have been replaced as governments print money to cover their spending, money had manipulated interest rates and FX rates for domestic and international trade purposes at the expense of the citizen.

FBX creates a better financial system that will allow KXCO and FBX citizens to participate in the success and without being diluted by politics. At FBX, there is an initial round of tokens. When smart contracts migrate to the KXCO Armature, once that move is complete, the initial base number of FBX will be locked in. Hence, it can only grow via forks and subsidiary issues, and no new issue of FBX will ever be made. This is the foundation of the FBX world.

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