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Ching Lee HKG:3728 Upgraded

Ching Lee Holdings Limited “Ching Lee” or “The Group” (stock code 3728.HK) recorded over 20% increase in gross profit in the latest interim results ended 30 September 2022 benefiting from the total reinforcement of cost control. The Group has successfully reversed to great profits from the adverse.

Ching Lee has always taken a prudent attitude toward the Group’s operations, actively strengthening project cost control and saving administrative and operating expenses. Even during the difficult epidemic period, Ching Lee strives to fight against adversity and insists on bringing benefits to shareholders. This good result was driven by the concerted efforts of all employees.

The Group has awarded several high-quality superstructure construction projects since last year covering traditional luxury residential areas, including Prince Edward Road West in Homantin, Happy Valley, Central, and Mid-Levels on Hong Kong Island, etc. The accumulated unfinished contract value exceeds HK$1.9 billion. The value-added business is expected to have a considerable profit. Two large-scale projects in Stanley and Tsim Sha Tsui were completed in 2022 and other projects will be completed continuously.

The Group Chairman Mr. Ng Choi Wah, said: “As a general contractor in Hong Kong, the Group will continue to focus on its core business and contribute to the construction industry in Hong Kong. We are optimistic about the overall market demand. In addition, Hong Kong has relaxed the epidemic prevention policy. It is expected that another new scene will appear in the market.”

香港, 2023年1月9日 – (亞太商訊) – 正利控股有限公司(下稱「正利控股」或「本集團」股份代號 3728)一直以踏實和堅毅的形象見稱,在艱巨的疫情期間仍然努力對抗逆境,堅持為股東帶來利益。在最近的中期業績報告中,成功轉虧為盈,扭轉上年同期營運逆勢。


正利控股自去年接獲多個優質的上蓋建築工程項目,大多覆蓋於傳統豪宅區,包括位處何文田太子道西、跑馬地區、中環區及港島半山地段等等,累計未完成工程金額超過 19 億港元,預計此營業增值將為本集團帶來豐厚利潤。本集團在 2022 年內已順利完成兩項分別位於赤柱和尖沙咀的大型工程,有待今年續一妥善完成其他工程。


Ching Lee Holdings Limited “Ching Lee” or “The Group”

Ching Lee Holdings Limited, a limited liability company incorporated under the laws of the Cayman Islands, is a contractor in Hong Kong with over 23 years of experience in public and private sectors. The principal activities of Ching Lee Holdings and its subsidiaries are the provision of construction and consultancy works and project management services in Hong Kong, engaged in providing substructure building works services, superstructure building works services, and repair, maintenance, alteration and addition (RMAA) works services. Ching Lee Holdings Limited was transferred from GEM board to the main board in HKEx on September 18, 2017 with stock code 3728.hk. Company website: http://www.chingleeholdings.com

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