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Tony Bennett earns Guinness World Record with Lady Gaga album ‘Love for Sale’


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He’s got the world on a string. 

With the release of “Love for Sale,” his new album with Lady Gaga, earlier this month, Tony Bennett has earned a Guinness World Record, becoming the oldest person to release an album of new material.

The jazz legend turned 95 anni in August, when he celebrated his birthday by performing with Gaga at New York’s Radio City Music Hall. 

“Wow, thank you to all my fans,” Mr. Bennett said in a video commemorating his record-breaking achievement, 

Tony Bennett was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease in Y 2016, which his family announced in an interview with AARP earlier this yr. He recorded “Love for Sale” 2 yrs with Lada Gaga, who immersed herself in jazz music before coming to the studio. 

“I really put my nose in the ink – (meaning) the written music – and learned it letter for letter,” Gaga says. “Then when I went to the studio, I threw out the ink. I had sang (these songs) enough times by then to express myself and really feel it.

“Tony taught me that. He always says to go deeper and deeper, until I was finally just singing to him.” Lady Gaga

Have a happy healthy weekend, Keep the Faith!

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