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The US Dollar Continues Due South


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“We here at HeffX-LTN see the USD falling thought-out this year and next” — Paul Ebeling

Fed rhetoric restrains dollar as traders eye inflation.

The Buck is hanging near its lowest marks of the year Wednesday as traders hold bets that the Fed will remain steadfast in its easy money policy settings ahead of the CPI data expected to show a sharp rise in annual US inflation.

Analysts forecast figures due at 1230 GMT to show a 3.6% lift in Y-Y prices, boosted by last April’s low base.

The big and growing US trade and current account deficits send USDs abroad. And so the .DXY is finding some risk aversion-related stability just above 90 due to the sell-off in equities.

But will unlikely to morph into any meaningful Northside. Fed speak continues to underscore its pledge, while the Eurozone’s rebound metrics continue to close the gap with the US, thus keeping the Dollar Index heavy through the next several months.

In the digital space: cryptocurrency Ether rose about 4% to a record $4,358.38, bringing its gain this month to 56%.

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