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The Mainstream Media is Mollycoddling Mr. Biden & Ms. Harris

Democratic presidential candidate, former Vice President Joe Biden speaks with families who have benefited from the Affordable Care Act, Thursday, June 25, 2020, in Lancaster, Pa. (AP Photo/Matt Slocum)

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President Trump ankles DC and MSM’s ratings dive. CNN’s primetime viewership fell by more than 40% in Mr. Biden’s 1st wks in the Oval Office“– Paul Ebeling

But The Trump Phenom only partially explains MSM’s problems. After yrs of creating the anti-Trump news cycles and stirring up fake-controversies to undermine his “America First” agenda, the liberal media has now run into a trust issue.

Now, faced with open and unashamedly bias reporting, Americans are tuning out the Noise from traditional news and seeking alternative sources of information.

According to a new Edelman Report, only 46% of Americans trust the traditional media, that is down from 59% in Y 2019.

Media bias is a Key factor in America’s distrust, as 60% of Americans believe that journalists are “purposely trying to mislead people,” with most news outlets seen as more concerned with “supporting an ideology or political position than with informing the public.

Among Republicans, only 18% trust journalists to report fairly and objectively.

Since Inauguration Day, left-leaning news outlets have repeatedly treated the Biden administration very gently. Just a few wks ago, Americans were fed dozens of hard-hitting headlines about Mr. Biden playing Mario Kart at Camp David. Before that, Americans were given feature stories about the Bidens’ 2 dogs, now living in the White House.

Also breaking news: The dogs reportedly enjoy snow days!

But, Mr. Biden does like cold snow days, as he has repeatedly postponed Key meetings due to minor weather events; 2 ins of snow is now too dangerous for America’s still born ‘Chief Executive‘.

Then there is Ms. Harris, whose “best fashion moments” are routinely covered by a fawning press.

As Town & Country Magazine put it, “Yes, we should talk about Kamala Harris’ fashion—she wants us to.” Even The Guardian chimed in from overseas, claiming “Kamala Harris made wearing pearls cool.” The press does not know that fashion is not style.

Somewhere, First Lady Melania Trump, the White House’s classiest and most beautiful First Lady ever rolls her eyes.

Liberal media bias also shines through in what is not written.

After the WS-J discovered that the Iranian government has begun producing uranium metal, in violation of the Y 2015 Iran deal, there was no media outrage.

Mr. Biden, a Key backer of the Iran deal, faced no heat. His press secretary said no comment in a White House press briefing.

When the Biden administration was revealed to be housing migrant teens in containers, that immigration policy was not placed under a a magnifier.

He was not tattooed by the liberal media for mishandling the immigration crisis, accusations that President Trump faced all 4 yrs.

Mr. Biden escapes every hot seat, as does his scandal-ridden son, Hunter and family.

The liberal media is very eager to accept White House Press Secretary Psaki’s non-answers on the Cuomo scandal where 1000’s of people died.

Mr. Biden has an unprecedented inability to speak with journalists himself without a teleprompter, shining the spotlight on a press secretary unprepared for the job.

As Republicans are urged to unify by their enemies, the MSM continues to encourage division.

There can never be true unity when journalists openly pick 1 side over the other, glorifying some Americans and alienating other Americans based on their political outlook.

Until journalism returns to fairness and objectivity, America will remain divided. And Americans will keep losing trust in the news business” — Chad Banghart. Mr. Banghart serves as Executive Director of the anti-Biden Committee to Defeat the President.

Working hard to make America Great Again, Keep the Faith!

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