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The Gates Foundation and Industrial Farming, the ‘New Oil’

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Bill Gates owns more farmland in the US than any other private farmer” — Paul Ebeling

Hundreds of farmers and human rights groups are boycotting the 2021 United Nations Food Systems Summit because they believe it favors agribusiness interests, elite foundations and the exploitation of African food systems

The controversy began when Agnes Kalibata was appointed as the event’s head. Ms. Kalibata is the President of the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA), an organization aligned with and funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

The Gates’ are promoting an agricultural agenda that supports agrochemicals, patented seeds, fake meat and corporate control.

Planning documents for the Summit also reveal plans for a “radical transformation shift” in Africa, away from traditional farming practices and toward industrial farming, even describing the potential as the “new oil

The BMGF’s involvement in the Summit is self-serving, as Bill Gates owns more farmland in the U.S. than any other private farmer, having purchased a total of 242,000 acres, much of it considered some of the richest soil in the US.

It is known that Mr. Gates is not interested in regenerative agriculture, but instead is furthering an agricultural agenda that supports agrochemicals, patented seeds, fake meat and corporate control. Such interests undermine regenerative, sustainable, small-scale farming.

Mr. Gates believes switching to synthetic beef, aka fake meat (processed food), is the solution to reducing methane emissions that come from animals raised on CAFOs (concentrated animal feeding operations).

His recommendation to replace beef with fake meat is made in his book “How to Avoid a Climate Disaster: The Solutions We Have and the Breakthroughs We Need,” which was released in February 2021. Read it, it is scary. 

In an interview with MIT Technology Review, he goes so far as to say that people’s behaviors should be changed to learn to like fake meat and, if that does not work, government regulations “could do the trick“..

What most people at not aware of, however, is that Gates is either personally invested in, or invested in via Breakthrough Energy Ventures, fake meat companies like Beyond Meats (NASDAQ:BYDN), Impossible Foods (Private), Memphis Meats (Private) and other companies he actively promotes.

When asked whether he thinks plant-based and lab-grown meats could “be the full solution to the protein problem globally,” he says that, in middle to above-income countries, yes, and that people can “get used to it.”

Timothy Wise, Senior adviser at the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy, told us: “A growing number of farmers, scientists and development experts now advocate a shift from high-input chemical-intensive agriculture to low-input ecological farming. They are supported by an array of new research documenting both the risks of continuing to follow our current practices and the potential benefits of a transition to more sustainable farming.”

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