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Mr. Biden’s Southern Border Policy is a Continuation of Mr. Hussein Obama’s

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There is a direct cause-and-effect relationship between the Biden administration’s rescinding Trump-era policies and the tripling of those trying to cross the border illegally from a year ago” — Economist Bruce WD Barren

Mr. Biden’s Inauguration Day executive orders ended agreements with Mexico and Central American nations to keep those seeking political asylum in their home nation until their case was heard.

On day one, he rescinded what I consider the most, one of most historic agreements that the Trump administration achieved in these political asylum security agreements with Mexico and Central America,” said Representative Mike McCaul (R-TX), the ranking minority member of the House foreign affairs committee. ”And with the stroke of a pen, President Biden absolutely shredded those agreements. That is when you saw the surge.

Mr. McCaul, the former chairman of the homeland security committee said, “Every time you give them the wrong message, like when the Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas says, “We’re not saying don’t come, just don’t come right now,’ my God, that’s like the worst message.”

Customs and Border Protection statistics now show that 100,000 illegal immigrants were caught attempting to enter the United States from Mexico in February, a 30% rise from the prior month and a 3X increase from the same month last year.

Republicans are decrying House Democrats’ passage of a bill Thursday which established a procedure to offer citizenship to children brought to the United States illegally by their parents.

”It’s again, a welcome mat, ‘Come on in, we’re ready for business,”’ Mr. McCaul said. ”And that’s a message, when I questioned Mr. Mayorkas, he knows better. He’s been a federal prosecutor in a border state. It was so irresponsible to send that kind of message.

Deterrents is important here. In The Trump Administration, there was deterrents. We didn’t have this problem. But within two months, they’ve absolutely reversed this policy. I’ve talked to (former Secretary of Homeland Security) Kirstjen Nielsen. She negotiated a lot of these agreements with Mexico and Central America. And it was working. They were applying for political asylum in Mexico, not in the United States. We have catch and release back, once again, and once they’re released, as you know, they’re given a notice to appear, and then they disappear.

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