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The Big Q: Why are they fighting Crypto?


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The securities regulators seem to be very focused on clamping down on crypto projects.

The Big Q: Why are they fighting crypto?

The Big A: The Key reason is to gain control, as controlling digital assets means they will be capable of creating regulations for the crypto space.

There are 4 possible reasons behind their fighting crypto. 1st, most governments and regulators want to have control of crypto. 2nd, they want to centralize the blockchain world and create regulations to take complete control. 3rd, they want to increase national revenues, and also possible that consumer protection and possible crypto bans are reasons behind the increased regulations.

We believe that governments should focus more on helping crypto grow instead of suppressing its adoption. They should know that it is here to stay.

Note: Officials at the Fed are divided over whether it ought to issue a digital dollar meaning a digital currency that traces straight back to it rather than to the private banking sector. Here is some insight.

Have a prosperous day, Keep the Faith!

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