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Smart Coffee Drinking Times


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Science has figured out the right times to drink coffee, and it is not always intuitive.

The Big Q: Do you reach for a cup as soon as your eyelids open?

The Big A: Well, that is doing it at the wrong time. According to science, you do not actually need coffee until 10a.

Human bodies are governed by a 24 hr cycle called the circadian clock in which we experience periodic dips in alertness, and the 1st 1 being at 10s.

So, if you can wait until 10a for your 1st cup, your body will be most conducive to a caffeine jolt.

The 2nd dip in alertness happens around 1p. You could consume your 2nd cup of coffee to pep up or you could do something even smarter. Try having a cup of coffee coupled with a short nap. As caffeine takes about 20 to 30 mins to have effect, it will kick in just as you wake up.

Yes, coffee naps are a thing now!

Coffee can also boost your memory, but this depends on when you drink it. You have to drink coffee straight after a learning event, not before. Keep this in mind next time you have to learn something important.

To boost your exercise performance drink a cup of coffee 1 hr before you start and, as caffeine turns our fat into fuel, you’ll be able to run further and faster. You will also be more motivated to run, as caffeine releases the brain’s endorphins.

Although many people drink coffee to increase productivity at work, there is no evidence that coffee enhances creativity or the quality of work.

Coffee has some really great health benefits, including a lower risk of dying prematurely from heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. However, many people undermine these benefits by drinking our coffee with artificial sweeteners and flavors.

If you don’t like your coffee black consider natural flavors like cinnamon, cocoa or nutmeg.

Eat healthy, Be healthy, Live lively

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