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Sitting on a Cash Pile 17.0? Medical Devices Direct to Physicians




AngioDynamics Inc. (NASDAQ:ANGO) broke out on 6 October at 26.74 and confirmed on 15 October at 27.37. Thus, garnering an LTN Cash Pile Buy signal with a 1yr price target of 45/share

Canaccord Genuity upgraded the stock to Buy from Hold and lifted the 28 target price to 37. The consensus target is at 30. Friday’s close was at 27.37/share.

Thomas C. Campbell, insider at Angiodynamics (NASDAQ:ANGO), made a large buy of company shares on 5 October, according to a new SEC filing.

A Key technical indicator is flashing Very Bullish in here, and Key support is at 26.24 and Key resistance is at 28.33.

AngioDynamics, Inc. designs, manufactures, and sells various medical, surgical, and diagnostic devices used by professional healthcare providers for the treatment of peripheral vascular disease and vascular access; and for use in oncology and surgical settings in the United States and Internationally.

The company provides NanoKnife ablation systems for the surgical ablation of soft tissues; solero microwave tissue ablation systems; and radiofrequency ablation products for ablating solid cancerous or benign tumors.

It also offers BioSentry tract sealant systems, IsoLoc Endorectal Balloon’s, alatus vaginal balloon packing systems, angiographic catheters, guidewires, percutaneous drainage catheters, and coaxial micro-introducer kits.

Plus, the company provides vascular interventions and therapies products in the areas of thrombus management, atherectomy, peripheral products (Core), and venous insufficiency.

And, the company offers peripherally inserted central catheters, midline catheters, implantable ports, dialysis catheters, and related accessories and supplies that are used primarily to deliver short-term drug therapies, such as chemotherapeutic agents and antibiotics, into the central venous system under the BioFlo, BioFlo Midline, BioFlo PICC, Xcela PICC, PASV, BioFlo Port, SmartPort, Vortex, LifeGuard, BioFlo DuraMax, and DuraMax names.

It sells and markets its products to interventional radiologists, interventional cardiologists, vascular surgeons, urologists, interventional and surgical oncologists, and critical care nurses directly, as well as through distributor relationships.

The company was founded in Y 1988 and is HQd in Latham, New York.

Have a prosperous week, Keep the Faith!

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