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Simple Way to Stop and Reverse Brain Aging


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The architecture of the human brain is designed to run on 1 fuel, glucose“– Paul Ebeling

The bad news about PUFA aka polyunsaturated fats, has been accumulating for decades, but public health authorities continue to claim that type of fat is “essential”.

Whatever indirect admissions of the pathological role of PUFA in both chronic and acute/infectious diseases is given to the public, is usually confined to the well-known PUFA metabolites known as prostaglandins.

The disclaimer is always that even if prostaglandins have known pathological effects, those effects are limited to acute inflammatory reactions and some of those are even claimed to be beneficial.

Well, according to the study below, the prostaglandins are perhaps the primary driver of brain aging and the pathological effects they exert is due to lowering the metabolic rate of brain cells by restricting glucose metabolism.

So, by blocking the effects of prostaglandins the glucose metabolism is restored, reversed the metabolic rate inhibition, and reversed the aging brain phenotype.

In Summary

For those that still defend PUFA or think it is essential; according to the study below, PUFA is a direct causative factor in brain aging trough increased inflammation and decreased metabolic rate carried out by its metabolites known as prostaglandins.

Blocking the effects prostaglandins or restricting dietary PUFA, can fully reverse brain aging.

So, what I did when I learned this some time ago is: cut out corn, flaxseed (Canola) soybean and safflower oils in my diet. Good olive oil is my alternative, though expensive is it not as expensive as Rx drugs.

The study used a selective prostaglandin antagonist, which is far from optimal since it acts way downstream and will miss any other “non-genomic” (non-receptor-mediated) negative effects prostaglandins have.

It would be preferable to administer the well-known and battle-tested COX inhibitors, which inhibit the very synthesis of prostaglandins.

You are right the preferred COX inhibitor will be aspirin.

Yes, aspirin has already had numerous observational human studies strongly suggesting it has pro-cognitive and anti-aging effects in the human brain.

Animal studies go much further and have already demonstrated that aspirin can cure Alzheimer disease (AD) in rodents, as well as extend maximum lifespan of yeast/worms by more than 400%.

The new study now provides a solid justification/rationale for those well-documented beneficial effects of aspirin on the nervous system.

Lastly, if prostaglandins are the primary driver of impaired glucose metabolism the findings of the study below suggest that aspirin would be a great intervention for conditions such as the metabolic syndrome and diabetes II.

There is 1 study with already diabetic humans demonstrating that a high dose aspirin completely reversed their glucose metabolism abnormalities, so considering the new study I do not see a good reason why medicine refuses to try aspirin as treatment for all such conditions.

The Stanford Study

Eat healthy, Be healthy, Live lively

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