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REVU token Moving from Ethereum to Cardano

The only thing growing faster than subscriptions are cryptocurrencies, so Revuto has a lot planned for 2021 – and crypto is on our roadmap. We are transitioning from Ethereum to Cardano with our REVU token! You can follow and support Revuto (give Kudos) on Cardano.

“We believe that decentralized digital currencies are really the future and a way in which we’ll be paying for everything so connecting our payment system to crypto was really just a natural analogical progression of our roadmap. We are still exploring various different avenues and ways in which we can really leverage native tokens, but one of the main things that we want to do with our native token called REVU is to build a new ecosystem and to have a closed-circuit economy. What that means is that our users will be allowed to both pay for their subscription expenses with REVU, but also on the other side, to be able to earn REVU through various incentivized ways and to be able to get growth from REVU.”

Josipa Majic, Revuto CEO

REVU tokens: Earn more with decentralized finance

By connecting payments with crypto, you can unlock more features when using REVU tokens. In the REVU payment ecosystem you can participate in a DeFi micro lending protocol which offers new earning and payment possibilities.

Majic pointed out that one of the main things that we plan to do with REVU is just to be able to pay for all of the subscriptions that you are having and paying for, also one of the other things is DeFi micro-lending so allowing liquidity for the end-user and also to be able to earn REVU through staking referrals and cashback options. We also plan to grant the holders of REVU of both revenue sharing and governance rights.

Revuto crypto integration will offer:

  • Crypto wallet and new payment system with REVU tokens
  • DeFi protocol with micro lending for subscriptions
  • Additional staking and liquidity providing incentives
  • Token rewards for cashback and referrals
  • Revenue share with REVU token holders

Our DeFi vision

Our CEO Josipa Majic shared: “Like everyone who’s building in the fintech space we really have a strong opinion on how obsolete and inefficient the centralized institutions are, so currently we are depending on agents like banks, brokerages, and exchanges and it just really isn’t the most effective and the most risk-free way of doing business so as everyone in the space we are looking for ways in which we can build a more robust and completely decentralized way. We were exploring different options and one of the biggest and strongest communities is actually the Cardano community, so we were quite excited and eager to explore that option. 

One of the biggest things that we plan to do with DeFi is really the micro-lending and by that what we mean there is an entire segment on the market that doesn’t have the necessary liquidity when the billing cycle is due. To be able to provide them liquidity in a cheap, robust and efficient way is something that is very exciting and we think will enable the market to, in the end, really grow.”

Cardano ecosystem in Africa

At theCardano 360 Roadshow Majic also shared a that she has had some personal work experience prior to this in Africa and that it really is one of those case studies where leapfrogging makes “total sense”, so it is just one of those ecosystems that grow so fast and it is breaking through the traditional concepts of how technology should progress. 

“That non-linear growth is something that is extremely exciting and if we look at the user base of subscriptions in general one big segment is online entertainment, but the second one our productivity and SaaS tools that everyone is using so those two combined with the growth and the demographics that we have in Africa are just the perfect playground for high growth and we think the DeFi options so the micro-lending of offering them new subscription services will do wonders for the African community, but also we’ll do wonders for our DeFi option.”

Josipa Majic, Revuto CEO

Revuto platform on the Cardano network – PHASES:

  • Mint first REVU Native Tokens on the Cardano network
  • Allow users to deposit Native tokens to their Revuto App
  • Allow users to get rewards based on the referrals they make
  • Allow users to get cashback in REVU tokens
  • Get yields on REVU tokens when provide liquidity to the protocol
  • Move the logic to Plutus (Goguen release)

Revuto will allow users to both keep track of their expenses but also benefit from micro lending when users require liquidity to pay for their subscriptions.

You can:

The Revuto app is coming soon, so stay tuned!

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