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Accepting Cryptocurrency as a Form of Payment in Your Business for Free

Bitcoin of America recently announced their new point of sale software for their tablets. This is a game changer for merchants who want to start accepting Bitcoin as a payment method and for customers who prefer to use it. Bitcoin of America hopes that their new point of sale software will help incorporate cryptocurrency into everyday life.

Bitcoin of America is a popular virtual currency exchange, registered as a money services business with the United States Department of Treasury (FinCEN) (RegNum). They offer several different services including online trade, Bitcoin tablets, and Bitcoin ATMs. To date, they have 1000 plus locations across the 31 states. Bitcoin of America has been known to provide fast and hassle-free transactions to their customers. They also offer top of the line customer support, which makes them one of the best in the industry.

Consumers may have recently become familiar with the term “Bitcoin ATM”. Bitcoin of America is one operator known for their ATMs; however, they do offer another great alternative. They recently launched their Bitcoin Tablet program, where customers can purchase Bitcoin and Litecoin with cash. These tablets allow for a face-to-face purchasing experience, which is perfect for first time buyers. Unlike an ATM, these tablets allow a customer to interact with the merchant, instead of a machine. ATMs are much larger and do not have a real person at the other end. These tablets provide customers with the ability to go in and ask questions.

Bitcoin Tablets are more flexible when it comes to placement. Bitcoin ATMs are typically located in major cities or places with high foot traffic. Because the tablets are much smaller in size and only require a table to sit on, there are way more options. Bitcoin of America places their tablets in rural areas to help make cryptocurrency accessible to all. They have found that customers often drive hours just to get to a location. Bitcoin of America places their tablets in small towns, saving customers money and time. However, there are still tablet locations in major cities to help accommodate their customer’s preferences.

There are several benefits to hosting a tablet at your business. To start, Bitcoin of America takes care of everything and it costs business owners nothing. Store owners have the chance to earn some extra income, increase their foot traffic, and take advantage of advertising opportunities. Bitcoin of America takes care of customer support and maintenance. If you are interested in learning more, you can visit their host page on their website.

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