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Dow, a DJIA member stock, offers investors growth and income potential. Dow Inc. (NYSE:DOW) is a leading materials science company and was formed from the merger of Dow and DuPont in Y 2017 and the subsequent spin-off in Y 2019.

The company is organized into 3 Key divisions: Performance Materials & Coatings (23% of EBITDA), Industrial Intermediates & Infrastructure (27%) and Packaging & Specialty Plastics (51%).

Dow’s segments include Agricultural Sciences, which is engaged in providing crop protection and seed/plant biotechnology products and technologies, urban pest management solutions and healthy oils. 

Consumer Solutions consists of Consumer Care, Dow Automotive Systems, Dow Electronic Materials and Consumer Solutions-Silicones businesses.

The Infrastructure Solutions segment consists of Dow Building & Construction, Dow Coating Materials, Energy & Water Solutions, Performance Monomers and Infrastructure Solutions-Silicones businesses.

Performance Materials & Chemicals consists of Chlor-Alkali and Vinyl, Industrial Solutions and Polyurethanes businesses.

The Performance Plastics unit consists of Dow Elastomers, Dow Electrical and Telecommunications, Dow Packaging and Specialty Plastics, Energy and Hydrocarbons businesses.

Investors receive a 4.69% dividend. Piper Sandler recently started coverage on the chemical giant, and its 78 price objective is above the consensus figure of 66.40. Tuesday’s closing share price for Dow stock was 59.46.

My work has our 1yr price target at 83.20/share.

Have a prosperous day, Keep the Faith!

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