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Mindful Eating, Having Fun on a Diet

[Mindful eating]: I’ve been getting questions about what I eat when I eat out and how do I stay on track when I’m in a social setting and still enjoy myself but not throw all my goals out the window.

Its been a habit of my to always order some form of protein first on the menu and the rest depends on what I’m feeling that day.

When I order something that is relatively carb heavy such as a burger, pasta, pizza, bagels or fried rice. I usually share it with the people I’m with, so we don’t end up being soo full of just binging on carbs and we also get to try a bunch of other flavors on the menu 😊

Don’t beat yourself up if you had more than a fry or two. 🍟

Live a little. Just remember to go back to our regular diet the next day and not starve yourself just because you were being human.


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