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The day’s big mover among meme stocks was Aterian Inc. (NASDAQ:ATER). 

AMC stock traded up 3.7% Monday 52.04, in a 52-wk range of 1.91 – 72.62. The average daily volume is about 108.5-M shares, and just 74.6-M traded on the day.

Aterian traded up 52.37% at 17.98 in a 52-wk range of 3.04 – 48.99. More than 242-M shares had traded on the day, Vs the daily average of around 8.3-M.

Clean Energy Fuels traded up more than 6% to 8.33, in a 52-wk range of 2.36 to 19.79. The average daily trading volume is around 11-M shares, and about 3.8 million had traded.

Have a prosperous day, Keep the Faith!

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