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 A federal bill to protect veterans who use medical marijuana was filed, and a Florida bill to protect public employees who use medical marijuana, and more…


Bill to Protect Veterans Who Use Medical Marijuana Filed in House. Representative Greg Steube (R-FL) has filed a bill to protect military veterans who are using medical marijuana in compliance with state laws from being penalized. HR 430 would also clarify that Department of Veterans Affairs doctors can discuss the benefits and risks of medical marijuana with their patients. The bill is now before the House Committee on Veterans Affairs.


California Governor Issues Executive Order to Prevent Medical Marijuana ID Cards from Expiring During Pandemic. Governor Gavin Newsom (D) last Thursday signed an executive order extending the validity of medical marijuana ID cards. The order extends the validity of any cards that would have expired since 4 March 2020, when the state entered a coronavirus state of emergency. They will remain valid until the governor’s order is rescinded or the state of emergency is ended.


Florida Bills to Protect Public Employees Who Use Medical Marijuana Filed. State Sen. Tina Polsky (D-Palm Beach) and Rep. Nick Duran (D-Miami) have filed bills that aim to protect state and local government employees from any form of retaliation for using medical marijuana. The identical bills are SB 692 and HB 335.


Kentucky Sees Second Medical Marijuana Bill Filed. State Senator Steve West (R-District 27) has filed Senate Bill 92, which would allow a full-fledged medical marijuana program in the state. Earlier, Rep. Jason Nemes (R-33rd District) refiled House Bill 136, a separate medical marijuana legalization proposal that stalled in the legislative last year.


Nebraska Medical Marijuana Bill Filed. State Senator Anna Wishart (D-Lincoln) has filed Legislative Bill 474, which would create a system of regulated medical marijuana distribution for qualifying patients. She filed a similar bill two years ago, which was defeated. A medical marijuana initiative last year qualified for the ballot but was thrown off by the state’s Supreme Court.

By Phillip Smith

Paul Ebeling, Editor

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