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Manufacturers are Key to the Economic Trends that Impact the World


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Since the Industrial Revolution, manufacturing companies have been exploring and re-inventing their culture.

Time studies, quality circles, continuous improvement, lean and all of the other manufacturing best practices have had and still have a strong cultural component.

The culture that produce the highest quality products, efficiently and reliably, has been the holy grail of manufacturing organizations from the beginning.

Manufacturers are at the front line of macro economic trends that impact our world.

They are the 1st to feel the brunt of commodity price changes, tariffs and trade agreements, overseas competition, and the global war for talent.

The leaders constantly reflect on culture.

They think about employee development and culture, and specifically what needs to change, that is not missing in American manufacturing, seen in the fact that the US manufactures the best products in the world.  

While the global VirusCasedemic has caused companies in all industries to re-evaluate how they think about and do their work.

Manufacturing companies face unique challenges that lead to the need to continuously re-evaluate their ways of thinking and working.

The pride that tenured workers feel by “doing whatever it takes” is not always shared by the younger generation, they need to believe they add value to the company.

Automation is not structured to replace people, but to make the systems more efficient so people can focus on the work that adds the most value. That work is their craft. That is a far cry from some more traditional plant environments where people can feel overworked and underappreciated.

The bottom line

A management style and culture evolve along with the workforce’s values and expectations, manufacturing companies wil lbe able to staff their factories with able workers in the future. 

Plant managers and supervisors will learn and build the skills needed to deal with the challenges inherent in the manufacturing system. They will grow and develop their workers at the same rate as the business to ensure continuing success.

Plant managers and employees seeing themselves as part of a greater whole, and making decisions accordingly. Often plant employees have a lot of pride in their plant, it is their culture.

This continuing culture is about unleashing the potential and value inherent in the manufacturing industry, as shifts in mindsets, behaviors, and ways of working are recognized and put it play.

Have a healthy day, Keep the Faith!

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