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Loving Families with Fathers are Key to a Strong Society


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Families are the Key building blocks of society, they serve as the nursery for people that become the population of a society.

That means that families are responsible for the development of children into the adults will later collectively be society.

As each of us in influenced and formed by our surroundings, so is our society. Because society is a larger population, it may be harder to influence and change from singular events and yet it is a fluid thing that can be influenced for the good or the bad.

Families are so important to society because they are the foundation society is built on. The values of the family is reflected in society overall.

The role of the family in society is to establish in children the sense of belonging.

Through this Key function of the family, children learn social skills. This helps them learn to interact and work together for the betterment of all. With this foundation of caring for themselves and others, families are also responsible for educating children and instilling family values. This creates citizens that are working to reach goals in civic ways.

The family is considered as the core of society because it is the place where its members are most personally affected.

This is the easiest place to instill values and create change. When families believe they can achieve and help others and lift each other up to prosper and reach greater heights, the society can do great things.

The impact of family on society is small when we speak of just 1 family, but really big when we speak of families collectively. And because we all influence each other in our connected communities, we can all can make a positive difference.

Strong families lead to strong communities and strong communities lead to a strong society. It is an effect that starts in the home and extends outward into the communities. When we have strong family support, we are more likely fill our basic needs and be stronger more productive members for the continuation of society.

As the International Federation for Family Development says, family is the, “environment where ethical and cultural values are achieved in a natural way.” Further, they state, “Taking into account the broad experience of our Federation in dealing with families worldwide, we see every day that family is where the vast majority of people learn the fundamental skills for life.”

The Big Q: How do families benefit society?

The Big A: Happy, healthy families lead to individuals who are a contributing part of society while people raised in an unhealthy home environments struggle to be part of society and find their place in the world. The make up of the societal family units determines the values and actions of the whole.

Strong, healthy, happy families are a necessity to society, as they teach us how to be part of our community, give back, and be our best selves. When we can do that, we can build a strong society and civilization.

Everyone is born to a Mother, but not everyone is born into a loving family with a Father.

The lack of strong, loving families can lead to a downfall of modern society in so many ways. Being part of a family, or not being part of one, has an effect on the decisions and actions children make. And those decisions and actions can lead to problems in society much of which we are seeing on our country today.

LTN editorial contributor and strong family man Bruce WD Barren believes that the attitude of straying away from the family environment has been a strong contributor to our social unrest today. Believing that one can survive without the help of parents and siblings is one of the biggest mistakes being made today by our younger generation.

Declaring, “Some of my most memorable moments were with my parents, brothers and sister.” 

The saying that blood is thicker than water becomes more believable each day for when one needs help the most often comes from the support of one’s family. Sound character often comes from the family environment. Try it, if you are not the beneficiary of such an environment. You might just fall in love from the benefits of such an enjoyment!

Have a healthy day, Keep the Faith!

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