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“Just a taste of Cajun food and you know you are eating something special”–Paul Ebeling

Cajun food is an amalgamation of culture and history with dynamic flavors to match. According to the official New Orleans website, Cajun food and culture derive from the Acadian people, the French who had settled in Canada and then made their way down to New Orleans.

Alligator: While most people would not willingly get close to alligators, Cajun chefs have no problem with it, as long as it’s on a plate.

Louisiana Sportsman explains that in Louisiana, the alligator has been a topic of interest since around Y 1699 when it 1st appeared in print. And it is believed to have even older roots, with some Indigenous tribes enjoying the meat before then, reports the New York Times.

If you are hesitant about eating alligator, it is said to be really similar to pork loin. It is a little wilder-tasting, but it’s often served in the same way, fried, stewed, grilled and smoked. And if you are actually buying alligator, aim for the tail meat, as it is the best quality.

Alligators were endangered from overhunting until their population was replenished in the 1980s. Today, there are plenty of alligator farms, many of which use the whole alligator for meat and the animal’s hide.

Whole Smoked Gator Recipe

You all know I am all about learning how to cook just about anything on the smoker or grill. Alligator is is animal that I never would have attempted on my own.

So when The BBQ Ninja, Mr. Craig Verhage offered to show my how it’s done I jumped on the chance to learn something new that I can share with you.

Eat healthy, Be healthy, Live lively

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