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Natural Immunity to Covid-19 does not Wane

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“So, something unusual is occurring in the case of vaccine immunity, lets see…”–Paul Ebeling

A new scientific study has found that natural immunity to Covid-19 does not wane by even 1%, but real-world data unfortunately shows the same can not be said for vaccine acquired immunity.

something unusual is occurring in the case of vaccine immunity.

Big Pharm companies are not going to fund research into the benefits of natural immunity. Neither are health departments or politicians who act as if they are owned by those same drug companies. But if you have an oil well in your back garden things are rather different.

So the Qataris have done the necessary research in a new published study that can be viewed here.

Nearly 90% of Qatar’s population are expatriates from over 150 countries. Data was taken from the Qatari National digital-health information platform, which is nationally comprehensive containing all relevant Qatari data. This was not a sample of data. It was all of it. Here are the stated results of the paper…

Effectiveness of pre-Omicron primary infection against pre-Omicron reinfection was 85.5% (95% CI: 84.8-86.2%). Effectiveness peaked at 90.5% (95% CI: 88.4-92.3%) in the 7th month after the primary infection, but waned to ∼70% by the 16th month. Extrapolating this waning trend using a Gompertz curve suggested an effectiveness of 50% in the 22nd month and <10% by the 32nd month.

Effectiveness of pre-Omicron primary infection against Omicron reinfection was 38.1% (95% CI: 36.3-39.8%) and declined with time since primary infection.

A Gompertz curve suggested an effectiveness of <10% by the 15th month. Effectiveness of primary infection against severe, critical, or fatal COVID-19 reinfection was 97.3% (95% CI: 94.9- 98.6%), irrespective of the variant of primary infection or reinfection, and with no evidence for waning. Similar results were found in sub-group analyses for those ≥50 years of age.d

The tabulated findings together with a further Qatari paper, can be found here, on the waning of vaccine efficiency for comparison

https://www.nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/nejmoa2114114  A study in Qatar into the effectiveness of the Pfizer mRNA jab

So natural immunity provides non waning 97.3% long term protection against severe, critical or fatal infection for at least 14 months and by extrapolation – indefinitely. Whereas mRNA vaccine immunity wanes to 55.6% at some time after 7 months. The Expose has repeatedly shown from UK figures that vaccinated people are more likely to die than unvaccinated people from Covid and we know that almost all unvaccinated people now have natural immunity. There is actually a Qatari paper which reluctantly reaches the same conclusion.

https://www.nature.com/articles/s41467-022-30895-3 Pfizer and Moderna “Vaccine effectiveness (against infection in Qatar) reached small but statistically significant negative values at 7 months or more after the second dose”.

So, these figures are flattering to the vaccines which are deliberately not investigated much after 6 months. But the key takeaway is that natural immunity does not wane at all in its capacity to save your life. Not by one percent and not in 14 months. So something unusual is occurring in the case of vaccine immunity. One can also see this from the latest worldwide cases and deaths and booster stats…

SADS (Sudden Adult Death Syndrome) is a term used internationally for deaths for which the post-mortem does not reveal any obvious cause of death. In other words, it is a new cause of death resulting from a new phenomenon which applies worldwide

Have a prosperous day, Keep the Faith!

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