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Knights are Reflective Thinkers

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“Reflection is thinking deeply about something in the past, it requires conscious active thinking to increase awareness and leadership”–Paul Ebeling

When we reflect, we consider our feelings, past experiences, opinions, strengths and weaknesses. It may involve thinking back about a past event, considering a current situation or planning for the future.

The process of thinking deeply involves critical analysis and takes time but leads to greater insight about ourselves – our assumptions, beliefs and motives. 

As a result, we can identify ways to improve our academic skills, improve our study habits and gain greater insight into topics we are studying.

You may think you don’t have time to do this or not be sure how to do it but we aim to show you that it is a great tool to improve your understanding and academic progress.

You may already spend time thinking in a reflective manner or have discussions with someone else that leads to greater reflection; however, the act of writing down our thoughts formalizes this process and often enables us to clarify ideas and identify themes more easily. 

Plus, this practice provides us with a written record to refer later.

Reflective writing helps us to develop academic skills, better understand a topic you are studying, and enables us to review our progress.

What is free writing? 

Free writing technique is sometimes used as part of reflection and involves deciding on a particular experience, problem or incident and writing down any feelings, thoughts and ideas that come to mind, without stopping to judge or correct grammar or spelling. 

Free writing is done for a set period of time and can be a great way to get started. It may enable you to access your inner thoughts, which may have been suppressed, thus leading to greater honesty. 

By reviewing your writing afterwards, you can identify Key themes. Combining free writing with a reflective writing model can be useful for making changes and planning future actions.

Note: Every word, every description of a scene counts to build a imaginary scene in our mind. Here, reading and imagination happens parallelly, ephemerally.

Have a prosperous week, the Chaos is over!

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