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Keeping Pace in This Developing World


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“Now, for many has become yesterday. As a result, they are time-crunched, stressed, and overwhelmed”–Paul Ebeling

The overall pace of life has increased by 10% worldwide since the mid-90’s. In some places, it has even increased by 20%. And in the case of Singapore, it has increased 30% in the last 15 yrs. Technological advances are an explanation for our collective sense of urgency. The immediacy of communication has informed our time perception.

We think we do not have enough time, consequently we do not. In the paraphrased words of Shakespeare, nothing is true but thinking makes it so. If we were to embrace time-abundant thinking, my guess is we would all be happier, too.

The next time you feel harried, imagine a world in which the turtle wins. He may appear to be doing a lot less than his friend, the hare, but what he is doing is much more productive. As the eyes on the prize. So while Mr. Hare hops frantically from 1 place to the next, Mr. Tortoise is plodding along at a sustainable pace.

Remember: the average life expectancy of a domesticated rabbit is 8 to 12 anni. The average life span of an American Box Turtle is 123 anni.

In our world, the turtle wins.

Have a prosperous week, the Chaos is over!

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