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Investors: Retail Vs Institutional

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Institutional investors do not use their own money, rather they invest other people’s money on their behalf. Retail investors investors for themselves, often in brokerage or retirement accounts” — Paul Ebeling

Retail investors are any investors that are not institutional investors. That is pretty much every person who buys and sells debt, equity, or other investments through a broker, bank, real estate agent, or others. They are not people investing on someone else’s behalf, they are managing their own money. And are usually driven by personal goals, such as planning for retirement, saving up for their children’s education, or financing a large purchase.

The SEC considers retail investors unsophisticated, and are afforded certain protections and barred from making certain risky, complex investments.

In the last yr they have become a powerful international force that are beginning to rival the Wall Street professionals.

Institutional investors are the the elephants on the Street. They are the pension funds, mutual funds, money managers, insurance companies, investment banks, commercial trusts, endowment funds, hedge funds, and also some private equity investors.

Institutional investors account for more than 85% of the volume of trades on the NYSE. They make markets, move large blocks of shares and have a tremendous influence on the stock market’s movements.

Because they are considered sophisticated investors who are knowledgeable and, therefore, less likely to make uneducated investments, institutional investors are subject to fewer of the protective regulations that the SEC provides the average, everyday investor.

The money that institutional investors use is not actually money that the institutions own themselves. Institutional investors generally invest for other people. If you have a pension plan at work, a mutual fund, or any kind of insurance, then you can actually benefit from the expertise of institutional investors.

They also have the ability to gain access to investments retail investors do not.

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