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Health: Preventing Losing Muscle Mass While Losing Weight

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“Research indicates that 2X the RDA of protein consumption protects muscle mass and promotes fat loss, while 3X RDA of protein consumption does not have any additional benefits” — Paul Ebeling

This research challenges the theory that losing muscle mass is inevitable when losing weight by exercising and dieting. The researchers reveal that twice the RDA (recommended daily allowance) of protein consumption while sticking to an exercise and eating plan helps in preventing muscle mass loss and the promotion of fat loss. However, 3Xing the RDA consumption of protein failed to provide further benefits.

The researchers believe that the RDA for protein ought to be based on a level optimal for health, and also for preventing deficiencies, and the data shows that the current RDA is potentially inadequate for sparing muscle mass when losing weight, which could affect a substantial section of the population.

During the study muscle protein metabolism and body composition measurements were taken at the finish of both the weight loss and stable weight maintenance stages. The results revealed that the protective effects of extra protein has its limits. The data indicates an optimal, and maybe maximal, protein level for active individuals who undergo short-term periods of weight loss.

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