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“DeviantArt Protect” Set To Protect Artist From Art Thief in Web3

Real-time alerts are sent with an automated DMCA takedown link so immediate action can be taken.

The first of its kind art protection technology for Web3 is now available to any creators and platforms, utilizing AI technology to identify potential art infringements in real time and enabling a simple, automated alert and takedown process for stolen artwork minted online

LOS ANGELES, DeviantArt, the world’s largest online art community dedicated to creators and collectors, announced the extension of DeviantArt Protect to all creator who like to guarding their work or their users’ work in Web3. By offering the service to any creator and platform, regardless of their work being published on websites, the company is highlighting its commitment to protect the entire creator circles from art theft in Web3.

DeviantArt Protect was launched to all users in 2021 to serve and protect their art and rights online. The proprietary technology uses AI-machine learned technology, combined with human-based quality assurance, to scan eight public blockchains to identify potential art infringements in the form of minted NFTs. Artists are notified in real-time when an NFT similar to their work is detected, and in the case of a potential infringement, the user can take direct action and send an automated DMCA takedown request to the relevant marketplace.

Now, through the expanded Protect service, newcomers can sign-up and upload up to 1,000 pieces of work and 50GB for protection (for Beta users, the first ten images and 2GB are free) without publishing the content. This provides any creators, no matter where they publish their work, with safety and security measures for art protection in Web3.

“Web3 and NFTs can deliver an equitable platform where artists can meaningfully monetize their creations and consumers can purchase authentic work, however this can only be achieved if the proper checks and balances are in place,” said Moti Levy, the newly appointed CEO of DeviantArt. “We have been evolving with our community for 22 years and we are proud to extend our innovations to the greater creator community. With DeviantArt Protect and the Protect Protocol, our objective is to establish pillars of protection and safety to enable a trusted environment for all artists and help deliver on the promise of Web3.”

Since launching DeviantArt Protect to registered users in September 2021, there has been huge success in the takedown process for stolen artwork. To date, DeviantArt Protect has list over 345 million NFTs throughout eight different blockchains, and more than 245,000 alerts for stolen NFTs have been sent to all users. Indexed blockchains include Ethereum, Klaytn, Polygon, Arbitrum, Optimism, Palm, Tezos and Flow, and newer one like Moonbeam to be added later months.

For platforms and partners who wish to utilize this technology,  the Protocol is a DeviantArt-led initiative currently in alpha use by the service and select partners. The Protect Protocol is a decentralized cross-chain standard utilized to safeguard creators against art theft in Web3. It is used to identify, communicate about, and respond to potentially infringing NFT collections, along with verify trusted NFTs and NFT collections. Details of a Beta program open to additional partners will be released in the coming months.

DeviantArt is already working with several platforms and artists to help safeguard their own users’ works in Web3 using the Protect Protocol, including Digital Revenue Recovery solution Red Points, marketplaces on Moonbeam, NFT auction house Portion, and international creators Maya & Yehuda Devir‘s NFT collection XOXO.

“At Red Points, we are continually enhancing our AI technology and partnering with industry leaders like DeviantArt to protect brands and artists against new sophisticated threats, such as digital impersonation, NFT scams, and digital theft,” said Sergi Garcia, CMO of Red Points.

To learn more about DeviantArt Protect visit https://www.deviantartprotect.com/.

To learn more about the Protect Protocol visit https://www.protectprotocol.io/.

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