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Happiness is 1 of Those Things…



… in life that we are constantly on the lookout for. We strive to be happy people, but sometimes life can get in the way.

Daily stresses, environments and situations that we come across all impact our ability to be happy.

The Big Q: How do we become a happy person, despite all of our obstacles?

The Big A: Simply put, there is scientific evidence showing associations between happiness and genetics. But, there is no single “happiness” gene. There is nothing written in our genes saying that we have a limited amount of happiness in our lifetime. We all have the ability to be happy, and choosing to be and actually pursuing it can help make a person happy.

With that a given, make the effort to monitor your mind. Watch for negative thoughts or feelings, such as anger, resentment, or bitterness. Work through these emotions in healthy ways, so that it is not a roadblock in your pursuit of happiness.

Research has shown that happy people actually thrive on adversity. Handling situations in negative ways such as yelling, lashing out can harm personal relationships. So instead, find a way to deal with a good people issue without compromising your relationships, or happiness.

My way is to never engage with nit wits, puffers or near-do-wells and tune out the Noise!

Happiness is related to good health and healthy relationships. So eat healthy and avoid all unhealthy unhappy people and take good care of yourself.

“Real happiness is surrounding oneself with positive-minded people versus those who are the constant worriers and depression-type. From a general feeling of worry to severe panic attacks, anxiety or constant worrying can plague the mind and body plus be a strong deterrent to happiness.

“Excess stress can interfere with daily activities and cause lack of sleep, which in turn causes a circuit of agitation. Anxiety can stem from a particular event or an unknown internal struggle. Relieve anxiety by learning how to develop a relaxed state of mind or just putting a smile on one’s face.

“As the brain influences every aspect of our existence, applications range from the psychological to the medical to the spiritual. 

Remember, solve your own problems first and stop over-worrying about other people’s problems for those we in most part can not be resolved for very few people can change the world and that is probably not you!”
says LTN’s editorial contributor Bruce WD Barren

Have a happy, healthy weekend, Keep the Faith!

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