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Getting Back to ‘Normal’ in the US

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On 3 May New York Cityite’s were allowed to have a drink at an indoor bar for the 1st time in many months, days after Mayor Bill de Blasio said the city should reopen in full on 1 July.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis on 3 May signed an executive order to end all local emergency measures.

The states of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut lifted most capacity restrictions on businesses, including retail stores, food services and gyms, on 19 May.

New York City and Los Angeles announced plans to fully reopen schools from September.

California lifted most remaining crowd-capacity limits and physical distancing requirements on 15 June.

Virginia lifted all restrictions on 15 June, except for a mask mandate, while Minnesota plans to remove all limits by 1 July, or sooner if 70% of the state’s residents over 16 anni get vaccinated.

More to come, as the VirusCasedemic fears fade…

Have a happy healthy day, Keep the Faith!

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