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Expo 2020 Dubai is Open

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Expo 2020 Dubai welcomed to the world to the UAE this weekend, and here are the spectacular details about Alif The Mobility Pavilion”— Paul Ebeling

Welcoming visitors from every corner of the globe on 1 October through to 31 March with the purpose of ‘Connecting Minds, Creating the Future’, organizers estimate that 25-M visits will be made to the biggest cultural gathering on earth during Expo 2020 Dubai’s 6-month run.

Ready to explore?

The Alif The Mobility Pavilion is the 1st stop.

Making up a trio of thematic pavilions for Expo 2020 Dubai alongside Terra the Sustainability Pavilion and Mission Possible The Opportunity Pavilion you are going to need time to make your way around the incredible Alif The Mobility Pavilion.

Here are the best things to see at Expo 2020 Dubai in October

It is a creatively educational experience in which visitors will be shown the incredible progress the UAE has enjoyed the past 50 yrs in an innovative way.

Taking centre stage is the country’s advancements in mobility-related fields such as airlines, logistics and smart cities, extending into the far reaches of the solar system through the UAE’s space programme and the Hope Mission to Mars.

The UAE will be one of four nations showcasing highlighting their pioneering space explorations at Expo 2020 Dubai. Read all about it here.

Its ribbed and curved shape was devised to evoke movement, with its highly polished stainless-steel cladding inspired by chrome fenders and aircraft wings, reflecting movement from the surrounding areas.

It also features the world’s largest passenger lift which can transport 160 people at once.

The pavilion and its grounds feature a partly underground, partly open-air 330-metre track that allows visitors to see cutting-edge mobility devices in action, alongside an amphitheatre and 2nd stage, and a plaza around the building that will host mobility-related performances, events, symposiums and demonstrations.

Marjan Faraidooni, Chief Experience Officer, Expo 2020 Dubai, said: “Representing our desire to explore and progress, Alif The Mobility Pavilion will take visitors on a journey of discovery, exploring new horizons and discovering how making connections, together with developing new technologies, is the basis for human progress.

We are proud that this must-see pavilion celebrates the Arab world as a leading light in mobility across the ages, changing perceptions of what this region has achieved.

We hope that visitors, especially young Arabs, will leave this experience inspired, realising that anything is possible, motivated to make a difference in our world and looking with optimism to a future when we connect and work together on a global scale.”

Have a happy, healthy weekend, Keep the Faith!

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