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Enjoy the positive


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“Often our negativity makes us unable to enjoy the good things that are happening around us.”–Paul Ebeling

Modern studies suggest worrying can negatively impact health because it can lead to unnecessary stress in one’s life. When we worry, we spend our time focused on what can go wrong or the negative things that can happen in life. Instead, we should be spending energy on reaching goals and enjoying the positive things in life.

Live present with today and right now. If you find yourself worrying about things way out in the future that you have no control over… stop and redirect your thoughts. This takes practice but paired with deep-breathing exercises it can create a happier life.

The Big Q: What can you do? 

The Big A: Recognize your accomplishments; be happy when you achieve something. Enjoy present. Practicing mindfulness can help you get there.

And remember, you are more valuable to the God in heaven who cares for the birds and the flowers. He cares for you too.

Have a happy, prosperous weekend, Keep the Faith!

#health, #positive, #mindfullness, #happier,

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