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Democrats, “Full on Socialists”, are Trying to Take Over America

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“Mr. Biden is readying another massive spending proposal that would cover child care, universal pre-K and community college tuition within its $2.3-T ‘infrastructure’ package, as for real infrastructure, that allocation is not clear.”— Paul Ebeling

The “full-on socialists’‘ in the Democratic Party are trying to seize the means of production in our country, and their Green New Deal is being used to try and push through with their fake infrastructure plan, this is dishonest.

The Big problem is that none of the notions the Democrats have would fix the climate problem in America or the world. Plus, the fact is that the US does not have a problem because free societies are clean societies.

I believe the Republicans and conservatives have the right idea of how to have a Green planet.

And, I and no 1 that I know is a Tree-hugger, but we all believe in conservation. That means more efficient solar, and more nuclear energy. It also means putting more private money into research and development and not more government money into social welfare and pork.

Socialists believes that the intolerable cannot be tolerated, if you believe that, you may be a socialist.

Remember, that socialism is about government control of the means of production. That is clearly wrong: historically, many socialists considered themselves outright anarchists, who wanted to get rid of government altogether.

A better definition as defined by economist Shayne Heffernan, PhD, co-funder of HeffCap is this: “As far as the economic dimension; is the concept of ‘worker control’. What socialists have disliked is the concentration of wealth and power in the hands of a small number of people. What they have demanded is that ordinary working people get their fair share of the wealth. Some socialists have believed strongly in the power of government, others have believed that worker cooperatives or syndicates could give workers their share. Notably, it has never worked, though 100’s of millions of people have died in its path.”

Not only has it not worked but it is totally opposite to what our Founding Fathers believe in for the future of our country – a democratic society where the poor have an opportunity to become rich – billionaires under their own efforts and determination, like Oprah Winfrey, who grew up without running water, Ralph Lauren who was once a store clerk at Brooks Brothers, Howard Schultz – the Founder of Starbucks who sold his blood to pay for college, plus David Murdock who was once homeless yet became the CEO of Dole Food Company, the world’s largest producer of fruits and vegetables. All are great examples of capitalism, not socialist, and are excellent examples of what America is all about.

Most notably is Dr. Ben Carson, who grew up in poverty and became a noted surgeon before becoming of Secretary of Housing and Urban Development under President Trump. Dr. Carson is the second son of Sonya Copeland and Robert Solomon Carson. His father was a World War II veteran, a Baptist minister, but later worked as a laborer at a Cadillac automobile plant. His mother had dropped out of school to get married when she was just 13. His parents divorced when Ben was eight leaving his young mother to fend for herself and her two sons. The family struggled as Sonya juggled two to three jobs at a time in order to make ends meet,” LTN Economist Bruce WD Barren adds.

Everyone has opportunity to succeed, they take risk, make it happen and some become very famous.

Working to Make America Great Again!

Have a healthy day, Keep the Faith!

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