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Commentary: Paul Ebeling on Wall Street and Beyond


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“The stocks markets, thought a bit jittery, are climbing a wall of worry aka bullish” –Paul Ebeling

Monday, was the 3rd day running, the Bulls were out. I was a great day in the markets, I see it continuing. There is lots of bear sentiment. We see money managers holding excess cash, more than normal, almost 6%, on average, in cash.

This is very much a ‘index market’!

And on the War

The war, with its impact on commodities supplies has accelerated a rethink.

Investors are betting the Russia-Ukraine war will prompt American companies to bring production onshore. As supply disruptions are becoming frequent and severe. That means more income, more revenue, more EPS and higher stock prices.

On Crypto

As Q-1 draws to a close, crypto has wind in its sails. It has pushed through the $2-T barrier and is proving resilient in the global chaos.

At Monday’s high of $47,765, market leader bitcoin broke above the narrow $34,000-$44,000 range it’s traded in for most of Y 2022. Through a steady grind higher from a low just above $40,000 on 21 March, it has gained 18%

By comparison, the tech-heavy NAS (.IXIC) has whipsawed 5-6% on lots days in Y 2022, and was down 20% for the year as of 14 March before it rallied to cut that loss in half.

On K-Art’s Launch this wk

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This wk we launch a very unique NFT Trading Platform. Verified, Vetted and Very Collectable NFTs only. No Fakes, No Scams. Every collection will be reviewed by our A-List team and only projects with a strong chance of success will qualify. Some high profile artists and collections are all ready onboard, if you would like to be considered let us know.

Stay tun

Have a happy, prosperous week, Keep the Faith!

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