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CDC Not Telling Truth About COVID-19 Risks


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In a breaking news report that The New York Times is calling “a special edition on a misleading CDC statistic,” multiple epidemiologists are accusing the CDC of hugely exaggerating the risk of catching COVID outdoors.

CDC officials have been trumpeting masks as the only way to stop the spread of COVID outside, which the CDC says is occurring at the rate of 10% of cases. But, “in truth, the share of transmission that has occurred outdoors seems to be below 1 percent and may be below 0.1%,” the epidemiologists say.

This is significant, seeing that Summer camps and countless public outdoor venues are requiring mask wearing for attendance, the NY-T’s points out.

In truth, “there is not a single documented COVID infection anywhere in the world from casual outdoor interactions such as walking past someone on a street or eating at a nearby table,” the NY-T’s reports.

When the paper asked the CDC how they can justify the 10% claim, the CDC responded in part, “CDC cannot provide the specific risk level for every activity in every community and errs on the side of protection when it comes to recommending steps to protect health.”

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