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Building an Investment Portfolio

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There are just 4 Key steps to building an investment portfolio from scratch“– Paul Ebeling

Generally, the more risk an investor can bear, the more aggressive portfolio will be, devoting a larger portion to stocks and now crypto and less to bonds and other fixed-income securities.

Conversely, the less risk you can assume, the more conservative your portfolio will be.

In today’s financial marketplace, a well-maintained portfolio is vital to every investor’s success.

As an individual investor, 1 need to know how to determine an asset allocation that best conforms to your personal investment goals and risk tolerance.

In other words, the portfolio should meet 1’s future capital requirements giving peace of mind all along the way.

Investors can can build portfolios aligned to investment strategies by following a systematic approach.

Here are the 4 Key steps for taking that approach, as follows:

Step 1: Determining Appropriate Asset Allocation

Determining the investor’s financial situation and goals is the 1st task in constructing a portfolio. Important items to consider are age and how much time you have to grow your investments, as well as the amount of capital to invest and future income needs.

Step 2: Achieving the Portfolio

Once the right asset allocation is determined, the capital is divided between the appropriate asset classes. On a basic level, this is not difficult: stocks are stocks, bonds are bond, cryptos are cryptos, and precious metals are precious metals.

Step 3: Reassessing Portfolio Weightings

Once the portfolio is established it needs to be analyze and rebalance it periodically, because changes in price movements may cause your initial weightings to change. To assess your portfolio’s actual asset allocation, quantitatively categorize the investments and determine their values’ proportion to the whole.

Step 4: Rebalancing Strategically

Once it has been determined which securities need to be reduced and by how much, decide which underweighted securities you will buy with the proceeds from selling the overweighed securities. 

The Bottom Line

Throughout the portfolio construction process, it is Key that that the investor remember to maintain diversification. As, it is not enough simply to own securities from each asset class; 1 must also diversify within each class. Ensure that holdings within a given asset class are spread across an array of subclasses and industry sectors.

And then there is putting your money to work with an expert money manager for a fee. That’s next…

Have a prosperous day, Keep the Faith!

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