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Be Generous, Honest and Kind

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Study results prove compassion, generosity and kindness are the Top 3 attributes that make us more likeable“– Paul Ebeling

So, spread some Joy, Smile, say Please, and Thank You.

People form an impression of us when we speak, and subsequent social interactions can be affected. Use the tone of your voice for emphasizing on emotions and feelings you have during a conversation. Choose your words carefully. Listen, be positive and ask questions.

Always greet people buy their name.  If you are bad with names, make a memory exercise out of remembering people’s names.

Our eyes play a big role in getting people to like us on account of how much unspoken communication is conducted through them. By maintaining eye contact with another person you project confidence which is very likeable.

Eye contact also indicates openness and honesty, which enables the other person to feel more at ease around us.

And genuine people are liked because they can be trusted. It is not easy to like a person when you have no idea who they really are. Always be honest.

Have a healthy, prosperous weekend, Keep the Faith!

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