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Astaria Announces $8 Million For Better NFT Liquidity Engine Solution

Astaria Labs

Astaria, an NFT lending platform unlocking instant liquidity, has announced today the close of an $8 million seed round from leading venture capital and angel investors.

The round also featured participation from some of the ecosystem’s most notable angels and advisors on board including Anthony Sassano, Sam Kazemian, Tim Beiko, Nick Emmons, Dean Eigenmann, Alex Svanevik, Philipp Zentner, Mariano Conti, Nathan Allman, Corbin Page, Ivangbi, Avi Meyers, Meltem Demirors, Kartik Talwar, Texture, James Prestwich, Galen Law-Kun, Andrew Thurman, and many more.

The most difficult aspects for Astaria is about DeFi, which instant highly liquid NFT lending. Users can log on to the Astaria webapp and get customized liquidity terms for their unique NFTs, all without forced liquidations. Astaria’s design is a step-order improvement on current NFT lending platforms, which often require two-sided approvals and lack efficiency.

“Astaria is the solution to the hardest problem in defi, instant highly liquid NFT lending,” said Astaria co-founder and CTO and Consensys, Flow, and Sushi veteran Joseph Delong. “Our team is stacked with the premiere web3 talent, and I am able to apply all of the organizational lessons I learned in 2021.”

Astaria will be providing the NFT community an exclusive unveiling of their platform on Wednesday, June 22 at the NFT NYC conference, and is tentatively scheduled to launch to the public at the end of Q3 2022. Parties interested in the demo should reach out to [email protected].

“Having the chance to build alongside the Astaria team is the opportunity of a lifetime,” said co-founder and CEO Justin Bram. “I’m extremely grateful for the support of our investors and I can’t wait to showcase our work in the coming months.”

Official Site: (https://twitter.com/astariaxyz)

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